Ace, Dex, & Sid’s Story

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Ace, Dex, Sid's Story

“Six months after moving out of town, I returned home from work at around 11:30pm. I wasn’t greeted by my dogs as I usually would when I got out of my car so I went to look for them. 

I went to one of the sheds where the tractor was parked. I found my beloved Ace laying on the ground underneath the tractor – convulsing. I then found my husband’s dog Sid, who was also laying down with blood pouring out of his nose and bottom. I rang the after-hours vet and rushed them in to receive treatment. 

Only five minutes after getting to the clinic Sid had a massive seizure and passed away in my arms, with his best bud Ace watching on. I discussed with my vet and decided that we would try to treat Ace. After four days and $4000 worth of medication and treatment, I had to make the hard decision to put my best mate to sleep.

The day after I had rushed my two big dogs into the vet, my sons Foxy Cross pup named Dex had found a spot where one of the Ace and Sid had vomited. Dogs being dogs, he had eaten some of the vomit. Within 10 minutes the pup had to be rushed to the vet to be put to sleep. 

My dogs did not ever wander off our property. We believe that a bird had carted poisoned meat and dropped it where my dogs could get hold of it. 

1080 is evil”.