Bruce’s Story

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Bruce Story

“Our dogs love going for runs, especially my sons dog Bruce. We ran along dirt roads with him daily to keep him fit, healthy and happy. The dirt roads were not far from home and in the country (central west NSW). We see the 1080 warning signs on property fences and know it’s used in the area, but we also know that the bait must to be put a certain distance away from public roads. Knowing this, we were never concerned that our dogs could access these baits. 

On the afternoon of 11/07/2017 we took the dogs running as per usual with their regular pitstops along the way. It was our usual 3km circuit and nothing was out of the ordinary. The dogs ran their usual track and never once entered anyones properties. We took them home, let them down our dam for a cool off, and dinner was served. Finally, into their kennels they went for the night. 

During that night, we were woken by the most horrific sounds coming from the kennels. We rushed outside and there was our beautiful Bruce withering and howling in agony. He was frothing and had blood coming from his mouth, nose and anus.

We tried to pick him up to put him in the car to rush him to the vet, but he couldn’t be lifted… it caused him to scream this blood-curdling sound that I know I will never forget. He convulsed violently and died. When we spoke to the vet he said it was a “classic” 1080 poisoning.

No animal should experience this. It is a cruel way to go and there is nothing humane about it.

Bruce was an incredible dog. He was fantastic with the kids, our other livestock but especially my son… he misses him terribly. 

You cannot control what foxes and birds will do with these baits. You can’t know if they dropped them in areas accessible to the public so that innocent animals are put in the firing line and families like mine will continue to experience the heartache of losing their furry family members”.