Diego and Chevy’s Story

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Chevy and Diego's Story

“On Monday night I lost my best friend, my companion, my soul mate. My beautiful Diego.

The trauma of having to watch my best friend scream, thrash and howl in agony while I could only watch, powerless to help him, will haunt me forever. I have an endless ache that goes to my very core. 

Those that know me know how Diego and I had a bond that comes once in a million lifetimes. I was lucky enough to be blessed to experience such a bond. I am shattered it ended in such a horrible way rather than a peaceful ending with his family around him. 

Diego travelled almost everywhere I went with me. He was my hot water bottle in winter, my lap warmer. My alarm in the morning and my continual joy during the day. He loved to steal the swag and lay on my clothes. He was the only dog I know that wagged his tail up and down, not side to side. 

He was the coolest dog in the world.

He loved riding in the truck, running alongside the quad bike, climbing tree branches, swimming round and round making splashes, playing with sticks or rather large branches (lol) – anything could be a toy in his eyes. He would sing out the truck window, steal my side of the bed, fart in my face and then walk off. He would sit by the arena while I played ponies, sleep on my lap and make it impossible for me to get book work done. 

The news worsened Tuesday morning when Chevy, my other beautiful dog, was nowhere to be found. Friends and family have searched for her, but it would seem the same horrible fate has taken her from her family as well. 

Chevy was a beautiful dog with a lot of love to give. She was Diego’s comrade and I am going to miss her beautiful face and her goofy character. Her ‘trot’ down the hill still makes me giggle. I have never been so shattered in my life as to what I am now.

Both of my dogs have died from 1080 poison. 

If you watch a video, it shows the cruellest and most inhumane way for any animal to die. It is a barbaric way to “control” wild animals and it disgusts me that people think it is OK to kill any animal in such a way. I cannot emphasise enough how horrendous a death by this poison is. His screams and thrashing will haunt me every time I close my eyes.

Diego & Chevy touched many people’s hearts and I know many of my friends are also grieving for the loss of these beautiful dogs.

They were our Family”.