Illegal Baitings QLD

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14 AUG dogs playing illegal baiting


Sydney, August 14: Following a spate of illegal baitings in a Brisbane City suburb that left up to eight companion dogs dead, a wave of cruel chemical warfare against Sydney-siders pooches leaves popular parks as no-go zones.

“These are not ‘bad-apple’ incidents, these are cruel and calculated attacks on vulnerable animals visiting the same parks they probably play fetch in every day,” says spokesperson and co-founder of the Coalition of Australians Against 1080 Poison,  Alex Vince. “This is cruelty of the highest order. This is simply a despicable act that endangered the lives of many. It is a kind of chemical warfare against our companion animals that must be met with swift and strong justice”.

Less than a week ago, a series of companion animals in Queensland were left for dead after the assailant, still at large, laid poison in a popular park. The substance is yet to be identified, though media reports have cited it as the infamous all-purpose killer, 1080 poison. 

“Poison is the weapon of the coward. We must stand together against its use. There is absolutely no justification or excuse good enough for the cruelty that is wantonly inflicted on innocent animals who are unlucky enough to literally ‘take the bait’. We condemn the Sydney attacks and we demand an immediate investigation into the cause, its origin, and those responsible for recklessly placing everyone in danger and at risk,” said Alex Vince. “There’s absolutely no guarantee that the next death won’t be human”. 

The Lord Mayor of Brisbane City Council has come out in defiance of the dog-baiters, saying that they are working with the Queensland Police Service and “want the people who are doing this to know, you will be caught”. 

“We’ve heard from Aussies from all over the country who have had first-hand experience of what it’s like to lose a loved one to poison. It’s beyond traumatic. The things they have witnessed will stay with them for the rest of their lives. How can anyone ever get over seeing their beloved best friends die the most disturbing death, suffering hour upon hour with no end in sight? It changes a person. As a country, we must stand up together now and say no more. No more to poisons. It’s time we outlawed the weapon of the coward”.

The Coalition of Australians Against 1080 Poison are leading a campaign to ban 1080 across the country. As a network of dedicated organisations, individuals, and community groups, the Coalition’s stance is that poisons are indiscriminate, inhumane, and unacceptable. Last year, Senator Derryn Hinch tabled a phase-out of 1080 after receiving a petition signed by close to 40,000 gobsmacked Australians.

“It’s Australia’s shame. Nearly every other country on earth has banned this chemical. It’s classified by forensic investigators as “homicidal”, potentially a WMD. RSPCA scientists have come out against it as inhumane. There’s no antidote. There is nothing short of a bullet that can put the animal out of their misery. Its only conclusion is euthanasia or a death that comes in waves up to 48 hours later. That’s two full days. That’s circumnavigating the earth two times. It’s madness. We must rally together today to get rid of it for good”.