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Stop the Drop Letter

Plans recently released by the NSW Government to launch the State’s biggest wildlife cull are set to include peppering over 60,000km of bushfire-impacted areas with a staggering one million 1080-laced baits.

While using public money to airdrop feed to some starving animals, the NSW Government is simultaneously signing off on deliberate and ongoing harm to many others – even if they manage to make it out of the fires alive. Now, we are staring down the barrel of the biggest wildlife killing spree the state has ever seen.

Air drops of 1080-laced baits has already begun across NSW.

The operation places survivors of the bushfire at extreme risk, especially starving native carnivores like Quolls, eagles and dingoes.

Every bait dropped across the stupefying 60,000km kill zone is capable of killing up to 3 animals each. As 1080 travels down the predator-prey system, the true toll 1 million baits may have on any starving survivor who ingests the chemical in corpses boggles the mind.

Chemical warfare is the last thing a fragile ecosystem needs right now. The survivors of these fires do not deserve an extra 1,000,000 poison-laced 1080 baits peppered between them and their chances of survival.

If you are as outraged as we are, send a letter urging MP Kean to STOP THE DROP today.