Luna’s Story

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Luna's Story

“I’m fairly certain that it was our neighbour who threw the bait into our yard…

He was a miserable man, hated the dogs, and on a number of occasions we caught him tormenting them through the fence. We wound up keeping them inside the majority of the time and only let them out when the neighbour wasn’t home. 

One afternoon we went out, leaving the boys inside and Luna outside. It was a lovely afternoon and she never bothered anyone. Never did it occur to me that she’d bark at the neighbour… she’d never done it before. 

When we arrived home late that afternoon, Luna still seemed OK. She ate her dinner. It wasn’t until 11pm that night that she started howling, yelping and carrying on. The dogs sleep indoors so we got up immediately to let her outside so she wouldn’t wake up the kids (my youngest at the time was only a few weeks old). 

By this stage, Luna was racing around the yard. She was howling, barking and had wet herself. I managed to coax her back indoors and pin her to me on the lounge room floor. She was hysterical and bit me several times. 

In horror, it was at this point that we realised she had thrown up in her bed and the other two dogs had eaten it…

We called the vet and as soon as they heard the sounds Luna was making she told us it was 1080. 

As we were getting the kids up and into the car along with cramming the other dogs in, Luna started having seizures. She died on my partners lap on the way to the town vet.

When we finally arrived, the vet induced vomiting in our other dogs and fed them charcoal mixed with food to help absorb any ingested toxins. Thankfully, it seems they hadn’t eaten any residual poison in Luna’s vomit and were fine. 

For the next 6 months we muzzled the dogs when they went outdoors and they were very strictly supervised – we only ever let them out to go to the toilet. Eventually, after 6 months of living in fear and daily paranoia about encountering this poison again, we moved house to the next town over.

Shortly after we lost Luna, I made some enquiries about the use of 1080 poison in our area. The biosecurity team informed me that no one in the area was using it or had used it. They had no records whatsoever. Yet, given it was a fairly populated area, the chances of it being in our yard by accident were very slim.

Tomorrow will be the 1 year anniversary of Luna’s death. 

It was the single worst experience of my life so far, losing such a good and loving friend in such a traumatic way”.