Momo and Ishka’s Story

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Momo & Ishka's Story

“In June last year, 1080 had been laid around our area. We didn’t know about it. We didn’t even know what it was. I was in hospital when my husband told me that his cat Ischka was behaving very strangely and aggressively. Then, she vanished and never came back. She and my husband we’re extremely close, so she never left his side when he was home. He was devastated.

3 days later, my dog Momo came home from a round she did on our property. We live on a farm but hubby said she had acted weird, like she was being chased, as if the other dogs were either avoiding her or trying to kill her. Then, she started barking, screaming… he said he never heard anything like it. 

She was running around mad so he took her inside. By this time, she was under a cabinet and he couldn’t get her out. Eventually, she busted through a window and fly screen to get out. 

We never found her. We found vomit and hubby said she was frothing at the mouth. 

I’m glad I wasn’t there because it haunts my husband to this day”.