Shenzi’s Story

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Shenzi's Story

Shenzi was rescued from death row in a country pound by a rescue group. He had suffered horrible injuries but on his long road to recovery he was adopted into a loving family that cherished him and he filled his life with wonderful adventures.

On the 15th of August 2018, Shenzi died from 1080 poisoning. The bait was on his property and had been vomited/ dropped by his fur sister Skye – who also died from 1080 poison. Skye had eaten a bait from a property one lot over, 2 wire fences away, in an area that has no stock only hundreds of kangaroos 400mtr from their home.

Skye had been playing with their fur brother Fred when they chased a mob of kangaroos onto the baiting property. Freds Body hasn’t been found, but Skye made it home.

No notice was given to his family about the 1080 drop. No warning signs could be seen from his home.

💔 Without warning, Shenzi and Skye and Fred were all dead. Our thoughts are with their family.

1080 doesn’t discriminate. It kills feral animals, native animals and much loved and cherished family pets.
It kills everything that eats it and can then kill anything that eats the body of the baited animal.

1080 needs to be banned in Australia. No living creature should suffer the horrendous death that 1080 causes.

Please join our fight so that others don’t suffer like Shenzi, Skye and Fred.