Teddy’s Story

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Teddy's Story

“On 27 February 2016, my friend and I drove to Seymour to collect three dogs who had been rescued from the Walgett Pound. From the minute he bounded out of his crate in the car, it was love at first sight and my friend and I knew he would be a failed foster. He was the cuddliest bear and Teddy seemed the perfect name. 

Teddy seized every minute of every day and thrived in his new home with his mum and four-legged sister and brother. A normal day for him would be an early breakfast, a quick nap, followed by a long walk to his favourite park or the beach, ending with an early dinner and more playtime. Oh how he loved to play.

Teddy made friends at every opportunity. He was the most loving boy, who was equally loved in return. He became the best friend of my own dog – an extraordinary sight to watch a 5 kilogram little girl wrestling with a 30 kilogram ball of energy. My little girl adored him. As the weeks and months rolled by Teddy became even more loved by everyone he met.

On an ordinary day in September that same year, this beautiful boy’s life came to the most horrifying end. After a walk in the paddocks of a friend’s farm on the Mornington Peninsula, Teddy became violently ill and died the most horrible death imaginable. It was later found that Teddy had died after eating a bait laced with 1080. It had been deliberately scattered in the paddocks.

Teddy’s mother has been devastated by the loss of this most beautiful dog. His friends, both two and four-legged, are bereft. If this poison had not been deliberately used, Teddy would still be with us. It is devastating to think that this beautiful eighteen month old dog had his life taken from him.

We miss Teddy today and we will miss him tomorrow and the day after.

Teddy deserved much better, as do all the other Teddy’s in this world.

Please ban this hideous poison.

Signed, Teddy’s friend”.

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Veronica Bingham · December 12, 2020 at 10:29 am

1080, humans and in general!

There is NO other species who seek to destroy another species for anything other than for food ie: survival! HUMANS are the Only Species on our Planet who destroy for some form of Financial Gain, Power, Greed, Sexual Jealousy or just Because they Felt Like It. If Someone or an Animal gets hurt or Killed it’s considered Collateral Damage!. But NOT By Me! I am Sick to Death of hearing Politicians paying lip service to quieten the masses while they continue on with their Vile practices and what they call “Plausible Deniability.

I will finish by saying this, “The More I See Of Humans, The More I Prefer The Company Of Animals”!!!

Veronica – Gold Coast – Queensland

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