Ziggi’s Story

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Ziggi's Story

“She always slept indoors in our big shed at night. 

One night, we awoke to her howling. Unsure of what was happening, my hubby tried to let her out… but she didn’t seem to know or hear him. She ran up and down our yard blindly banging into trees, steps, and getting caught in the wire fence… all the while sounding out in a howl, growl and bark all rolled into one horrible, gut-wrenching sound. 

We couldn’t catch her for what seemed like ages. When my husband finally stopped and held her, unwrapping her from the wire, she did not even acknowledge him. We’d called the vet, but it was after 1am in the morning. He suspected poisoning. 

Suddenly, she started convulsing. This agony went on and on. I was so afraid I ran inside. Then, I heard my husband cry out himself in anguish, and I emerged to see him crying, holding our gentle girl, saying she was gone. 

The next morning was even worse. I can’t bring myself to go fully into what happened, except to say that the poison does something ghastly and haemorrhaging occurs in the animals that consume 1080 bait. 

My husband wrapped and loaded our darling dog into his car and drove her an hour and a half away to our house in Walpole to bury her in the garden. He was so traumatised when he returned he couldn’t talk to me properly. 

Despite phoning, visiting and writing the Council, we had no positives in having the baits stopped around the area. There was just too much land and too many foxes and wild cats for them to even consider such an action. 

Our loss went so deep that we were unable to add to our fur family for many years after that incident. We couldn’t until we had moved away. 

All in all, the death of Ziggi deeply hurt, horrified and traumatised us. I was unable to discuss how we lost her until I read of another two beloved pets in our region succumbing in the same shameful and disturbing way. 

This is my only therapy, and I hope that my words do not hurt anyone but rather strengthen their resolve to get behind this movement and ensure that our local government can find a better way and remove 1080 from their baiting programs today”.