RSPCA Australia, Dump Jan Davis

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The recent appointment of Jan Davis as CEO of RSPCA Tasmania has left animal advocates astonished at the conflict of interest.

In Tasmania 1080 poison is used to kill unwanted and unwelcome wildlife, including native Australian animals, such as brush-tail possums, Bennett’s wallabies and Tasmanian pademelons. Their presence is perceived as a threat to forestry corporations. This leads to large-scale baiting operations. In Tasmania vegetables, primarily chopped carrots, are laced with 1080 poison.

Jan Davis must be removed from CEO of RSPCA Tasmania.

According to Ms. Davis’ predecessor, ex-RSPCA Tasmania CEO and veterinarian:

“We are not happy with that method of culling. It is a horrific way for an animal to die. As an animal welfare body and as a veterinarian I do not support the use of 1080”.

Dr. Andrew Byrne

It is Dr. Byrne’s role that Ms. Davis has assumed. Ms. Davis is supportive of continued 1080 baiting in Tasmania.

Don’t let them get away with it. Please sign and share the petition below.

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