End the Pelorus Island Suffering

Published by Pickles13 on

end pelorus island suffering dingo

They sold the island, but we won’t buy their lies.

In what QLD State media have shamefully called an “ultimate survivor” contest, the only surviving dingo of an unspeakably cruel experiment in Queensland must fight again for his life, even though the Government blasted the barbarity as “cruel” and “unacceptable” over three years ago. 

When you told us it was over, we believed you. 

Trapped and implanted with an experimental time-bomb capsule of 1080 poison over three years ago, the Pelorus Project has been condemned by Australians and international observers alike.

The Mayor of this mad plan says the dogs have done their job. Join us in demanding that the Queensland authorities do theirs and save his life today.

Don’t let this story end in tragedy. Together, we can demand justice.