SUBMISSION: Save SA’s Dingoes

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SUBMISSION: Save SA's Dingoes


We have been afforded the opportunity to provide commentary on the proposed amendments to South Australia’s “wild dog” and dingo control policy.

The Coalition harbours a range of significant concerns regarding these proposed amendments. Our six key concerns are:

1. The proposal is not evidence-based.

2. It relies on extensive use of mandatory 1080 baiting.

3. It promotes aerial 1080 baiting.

4. Collateral deaths of "non-target" animals is unavoidable.

5. It uses misleading language, particularly "wild dog" rhetoric.

6. There are inherent contradictions between stated objectives and intended outcomes.

South Australia’s dingoes need us now more than ever. Add your voice and fight for their survival now.

You can read more about the proposed amendments here. For a thorough report from Australia’s leading experts, click here.

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