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In late 2019 and early 2020, Australia experienced one of the most devastating bushfire seasons in living memory. Early assessments of the damage done rose sharply with each day. Up to a billion animals perished in the fires.

Canberra complicit in eco-crime

Now, in some of the ACT’s most heavy-hit areas, the Parks and Conservation Service is dropping 1080-laced meat baits. Taking aim at surviving “wild dogs” and foxes, the decision to allow the annual drop to continue puts those lucky enough to make it out of the fires alive at substantial and avoidable risk.

Two months ago, the Parks Service proudly posted that the famous dingoes of Namadgi had escaped the flames that ripped through the region in January

Dingoes are indispensable components of a fully functioning Australian ecosystem.

We are calling on the ACT Government and the Parks Service to issue an immediate, binding and urgent moratorium on all poison baiting operations in bushfire-impacted areas.

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